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The Chiefs, Err Dallas Texans, Made A Very Smart Decision On This Date 48 Years Ago

The Chiefs aren't known for their history of quarterbacks. Well, they're known for taking a non-Hall of Fame quarterback in the 1983 draft, and for bringing Joe Montana in for his last run but, beyond that, there's not much there.

Except for that Len Dawson dude. Remember him? Yeah, he wasn't bad.

It was 48 years ago on this date that the Dallas Texans (soon-to-be the Kansas City Chiefs) made the very wise decision to sign Len Dawson.

What did they get out of it?

  • Two Super Bowl appearances
  • Super Bowl victory
  • Super Bowl MVP
  • Hall of Fame quarterback

The decision deserves even more kudos because he wasn't expected to be anything special. He was drafted by the Steelers in 1957 and later signed with the Browns before being released weeks prior to signing with the Chiefs.

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