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NFL Draft Pick Signings Are Ahead Of Last Year's Pace, Chiefs Are Not

Last year at this time, 96 of the NFL's 256 draft picks were signed. This year that number is up 17% to 112 of 255 total draft picks.

Why the increase?

Probably no reason in particular. As we've said before, getting the late round picks usually isn't a big deal. The way the NFL slotting works, the contract pretty much makes itself.

It's the first round picks -- particularly the top 12 -- that you've gotta worry about.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs are not one of the teams ahead of last year's pace. By this time last year, the Chiefs had three draft picks signed. This year they've only got one (Kendrick Lewis).

It's Friday and the Chiefs seem to release a lot of news on Friday afternoon so make sure you check back later today.

A full list of all the players that have signed is after the jump.

Club Player Pos College Round
ATL Johnson, Mike G Alabama 3
ATL Peters, Corey DT Kentucky 3
ATL Hawley, Joe C Nevada-Las Vegas 4
ATL Franks, Dominique DB Oklahoma 5
ATL Schillinger, Shann DB Montana 6
BLT Pitta, Dennis TE Brigham Young 4
BLT Reed, David WR Utah 5
BUF Easley, Marcus WR Connecticut 4
BUF Wang, Ed T Virginia Tech 5
BUF Batten, Danny LB South Dakota State 6
BUF Moats, Arthur LB James Madison 6
BUF Brown, Levi QB Troy 7
BUF Calloway, Kyle G Iowa 7
CAR Norwood, Eric LB South Carolina 4
CAR Gettis, David WR Baylor 6
CAR Hardy, Greg DE Mississippi 6
CAR Pike, Tony QB Cincinnati 6
CAR Pugh, Jordan DB Texas A&M 6
CAR McClain, Robert DB Connecticut 7
CAR Stanford, R.J. DB Utah 7
CHI Wright, Major DB Florida 3
CHI Wootton, Corey DE Northwestern 4
CHI Moore, Joshua DB Kansas State 5
CHI Lefevour, Dan QB Central Michigan 6
CHI Webb, J’Marcus T West Texas A&M 7
CIN Briscoe, Dezmon WR Kansas 6
CLV Geathers, Clifton DE South Carolina 6
DEN Walton, J.D. C Baylor 3
DEN Cox, Perrish DB Oklahoma State 5
DEN Kirlew, Jammie LB Indiana 7
DEN Thompson, Syd’Quan DB California 7
DET Fox, Jason T Miami 4
GB Newhouse, Marshall T Texas Christian 5
GB Starks, James RB Buffalo 6
GB Wilson, C.J. DE East Carolina 7
HST Mitchell, Earl DT Arizona 3
HST Sharpton, Darryl LB Miami 4
HST McManis, Sherrick DB Northwestern 5
HST Holliday, Trindon KR Louisiana State 6
HST Smith, Shelley G Colorado State 6
KC Lewis, Kendrick DB Mississippi 5
MIA Edds, A.J. LB Iowa 4
MIA Carroll, Nolan DB Maryland 5
MIA McCoy, Chris LB Middle Tennessee 7
MIA Spitler, Austin LB Ohio State 7
MIN Triplett, Nate LB Minnesota 5
MIN D’Imperio, Ryan RB Rutgers 7
NE Price, Taylor WR Ohio 3
NE Hernandez, Aaron TE Florida 4
NE Mesko, Zoltan P Michigan 5
NE Larsen, Ted C North Carolina State 6
NE Welch, Thomas T Vanderbilt 7
NYG Jones, Chad DB Louisiana State 3
NYG Dillard, Phillip LB Nebraska 4
NYG Petrus, Mitch G Arkansas 5
NYG Tracy, Adrian LB William & Mary 6
NYG Dodge, Matt P East Carolina 7
NYJ McKnight, Joe RB Southern California 4
NYJ Conner, John RB Kentucky 5
PHI Te’o-Nesheim, Daniel DE Washington 3
PHI Clayton, Keenan LB Oklahoma 4
PHI Harbor, Clay TE Missouri State 4
PHI Kafka, Mike QB Northwestern 4
PHI Lindley, Trevard DB Kentucky 4
PHI Sapp, Ricky DE Clemson 5
PHI Scott, Charles RB Louisiana State 6
PHI Chaney, Jamar LB Mississippi State 7
PHI Coleman, Kurt DB Ohio State 7
PHI Owens, Jeff DT Georgia 7
PIT Sanders, Emmanuel WR Southern Methodist 3
PIT Gibson, Thaddeus LB Ohio State 4
PIT Butler, Crezdon DB Clemson 5
PIT Scott, Chris T Tennessee 5
PIT Sylvester, Stevenson LB Utah 5
PIT Brown, Antonio WR Central Michigan 6
PIT Dwyer, Jonathan RB Georgia Tech 6
PIT Worthington, Doug DE Ohio State 7
SD Stuckey, Darrell DB Kansas 4
SD Crompton, Jonathan QB Tennessee 5
SD Epps, Dedrick TE Miami 7
SEA Thurmond, Walter DB Oregon 4
SEA Wilson, E.J. DE North Carolina 4
SEA Chancellor, Kam DB Virginia Tech 5
SEA McCoy, Anthony TE Southern California 6
SEA Davis, Dexter LB Arizona State 7
SEA Konz, Jameson WR Kent State 7
SF Dixon, Anthony RB Mississippi State 6
SF Williams, Kyle WR Arizona State 6
SF Adams, Phillip DB South Carolina State 7
SL Murphy, Jerome DB South Florida 3
SL Gilyard, Mardy WR Cincinnati 4
SL Davis, Hall DE Louisiana-Lafayette 5
SL Hoomanawanui, Michael TE Illinois 5
SL Sims, Eugene DE West Texas A&M 6
SL Hull, Josh LB Penn State 7
SL Johnson, Marquis DB Alabama 7
SL Selvie, George DE South Florida 7
TB Lewis, Myron DB Vanderbilt 3
TB Williams, Mike WR Syracuse 4
TB Bowden, Brent P Virginia Tech 6
TB Lorig, Erik DE Stanford 7
TB Watson, Dekoda LB Florida State 7
TEN Verner, Alterraun DB UCLA 4
TEN Rolle, Myron DB Florida State 6
TEN Smith, Rusty QB Florida Atlantic 6
TEN Howard, David DT Brown 7
TEN Mariani, Marc WR Montana 7
WAS Riley, Perry LB Louisiana State 4
WAS Morris, Dennis TE Louisiana Tech 6
WAS Austin, Terrence WR UCLA 7
WAS Capers, Selvish T West Virginia 7
WAS Cook, Erik C New Mexico 7

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