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VIDEO: Dexter McCluster's Got Talent

Seeing this video of Dexter McCluster reminds me of this story about McCluster

I remember back in May when the Chiefs were first introducing the rookies to the media. At the time, the story about the Dolphins asking Dez Bryant whether his Mom was a, ahem, working woman was making the rounds so a few folks in the media throng wanted to know from Dexter McCluster the strangest question any of the teams had asked during the draft process.

"Umm, one team asked me to sing," he said.

OK, that's not Dez Bryant-style but it is a little strange.

Then someone asked, "Can you sing for us now?"

And, McCluster looked at Chiefs PR and stepped forward as if he was wondering, 'Should I do this?'

Unfortunately, he did not sing.

(Editor's Note: Anyone else get the title reference?)

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