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Todd Haley Tied For 15th At American Century Golf Tournament

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Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is currently tied for 15th place at the American Century Championship. Ranked ahead of him are actually two of his former quarterbacks in Vinnie Testaverde (4th) and Tony Romo (7).

Here are how a few other notable players are doing:

  • Michael Jordan (28th)
  • Ken Whisenhunt (39th)
  • Herm Edwards (50th)
  • Rodney Harrison (58th)
  • Marcus Allen (64th)
  • Mike Shanahan (64th)
  • Jack Del Rio (79th)
  • Trent Green (79th)

Charles Barkley is bringing up the rear. If you've seen Barkley's swing, then you know why (Warning: Ugliest swing in the history of golf).

Two more days to find out if Haley can take home the crown.

(H/T King of the Cassel)