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VIDEO: Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers On S Eric Berry, Coaching Staff Additions

Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers recently talked with ESPN 760 down in Delray Beach, FL and had some nice things to say about S Eric Berry and the Chiefs offseason additions.

For those of you still at work, two things: (1) That really, really sucks and (2) I've transcribed all of his words if your boss frowns upon watching Chiefs videos during work. For the rest of you, skip to the 2:18 mark.

Flowers words are transcribed after the jump.

On Eric Berry:

He's a playmaker. In OTAs and minicamp he's been doing nothing but making plays. He's a young guy we have at safety. And the other cornebrack, Brandon Carr, he's a third year along with myself. He's a playmaker. We have a lot of playmakers in the secondary and the defense alone. I can't wait to turn it up on defense and see where we rank at the end of the season.

On the offseason additions:

Our chances are great going in with leaders like Thomas Jones coming over and Ryan on the o-line coming in from Indianapolis, Charlie Weis has a nice system going on offense, Romeo Crennel on defense so I think coach Haley did a great job bringing in the coaches we need and fitting the players to that scheme. So, we're going to have a great season. I'm looking forward to it.

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