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All Aboard: Chiefs Training Camp Two Week Countdown

St. Joseph, MO and Missouri State Western University continue to prepare for the arrival of the Chiefs. The Chiefs will arrive on July 29 which means we are an even two weeks away from their arrival.

MWSU head coach Jerry Partridge recently appeared on KMBC in Kansas City to talk about the brand spankin' new facility.

"I don't want to bash what we had before too much but it probably wasn't up to snuff for what we had going on in our conference," he said. "But now it's way above and beyond. It matches some of the Big 12 schools as far as the facilities."

"You have a locker room that the Chiefs actually built. Some of our shorter players have a hard time reaching the top shelf. It's very nice. I've seen the one at Arrowhead and it's nicer than the one they have at the facility at Arrowhead. The weight room is 3,500 sq. ft, 4,000 sq. ft. whatever it is, it's state of the art.

"There's a brand new indoor full 100-yard field anyone will be able to practice in. Kicking off you can do that. It's an outstanding facility and having the Chiefs here is a big plus. Our kids are excited about practicing at the same time as the Chiefs. I would doubt there's anything less than 3,000 people at every practice. St. Joe is a Chiefs-wild community. I'm a Chiefs fan and it's going to be a lot of fun."

The Chiefs meanwhile are making sure the fans are ready for everything. Here are a couple of helpful links if you're thinking about going to training camp:

Map of everything you need to know about camp

FAQ of training camp

Here's a video of the KMBC news segment.

Two weeks....

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