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Kansas City Chiefs Young Talent Gaining Attention

Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders and recently ranked all 32 organizations in the NFL (Link is Insider). This wasn't your traditional ranking as it wasn't about the front office, coaching staff and money available to spend like your normal organizational rankings.

This one was about identifying young talent and which teams could be good in the future because of that young talent. This isn't a foolproof ranking because you still need talented older players but it does play off the ever-important notion that you win through the draft.

Here's a description of how they did their rankings:

Instead of limiting our analysis to players who have yet to emerge in the NFL, these rankings consider all players who will be 25 or younger as of September 1, 2010 -- regardless of where they were drafted or how many games they've started. After compiling a list of eligible players for each team, we compared the groups on a variety of factors. We weighed issues like upside versus established production, quantity versus quality, and current staff versus historical ability to develop rookies when it comes to evaluating the talent available to each NFL franchise.

The Chiefs did well. Very well in fact.

They came in at third. That seems like a surprise but considering the criteria maybe it shouldn't be.

The following players under 25 or under figure to be big parts of the Chiefs moving forward: Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles, Branden Albert and even possibly Dwayne Bowe.

You gotta love the final line of the Chiefs write-up: "If Kansas City suddenly emerges in the league this year, guys like Charles, Carr, and Berry are going to be household names."

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