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The Problem With Predicting The Kansas City Chiefs 2010 Record

I've been looking at the Kansas City Chiefs 2010 schedule recently trying to predict how the Chiefs might finish. We've been saying anywhere from 6-9 wins depending on how things work out. I recently took a look at the entire schedule and jotted some notes down on each team.

The problem with predicting records in the NFL is that so much can change in just one season or offseason. It seems that every year the Chiefs are playing a team they're supposed to beat, like the Browns in 2009, and then they lose. Then they play a team like the Steelers in 2009 and win.

Sometimes it doesn't make any sense.

For example, how many of us looked at the Bills games the last two years and checked a "W" next to their name? I bet a lot.

In 2008, that "W" was a 54-31 "L" and in 2009 it was a 16-10 "L". In 2007 it was the Texans and the Lions. Both losses most of us before the season marked as a victory.

I'm not blowing anyone's mind here saying things can change as the season moves on but it's just another wrinkle to remember as we predict the Chiefs 2010 win/loss record. There will definitely be a game in 2010 the Chiefs are supposed to win -- Raiders, Browns Bills -- that they'll lose. Likewise, there will be a game they're supposed to lose -- Colts, Chargers -- that they'll win.

For the record, I'm going with seven wins in 2010.

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