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Terrell Owens Confirms He And Chiefs Coach Todd Haley "Don't Get Along"

Terrell Owens is making the media rounds to promote his new endeavor, The T.O. Show, on VH1. One of those media stops included 96.5 The Buzz in Kansas City.

T.O. doesn't sound like he's changed. He corrected the hosts several times on how to correctly pronounce his name (it got awkward at one point) and his handlers had a few choice words on playing in Buffalo.

Then the talk changed to the Chiefs for a minute. Afentra, one of the hosts, asked if he had ever thought of playing for the Chiefs. One of his assistants said "Oh wow..." in response to the question. T.O. then confirmed what we've all known:

"Me and Todd Haley...we don't get along."

This is no surprise. If you want to know about the "dustup" between Halye Haley and T.O., you can read about it here.

To summarize, T.O. isn't coming to Kansas City. No. Nada. No way.

(H/T Nick Britt for first pointing it out)

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