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Chiefs Have A Few Emergency Centers On The Team

A lot of us have been wondering who will come out the winner in the center battle between Casey Wiegmann and Rudy Niswanger. There are reasons to keep and to cut each player and that's something that will be figured out during camp.

Could they keep both?

Looking at the Chiefs roster, I'm not sure they would need to. Josh Looney of has been interviewing the Chiefs undrafted free agents and I noticed there are a few of them with experience at center.

Andrew Lewis spent some time at center in college and he talked about emulating Casey Wiegmann.

I’ve been watching both of them, especially Casey since he’s played in the league for so long. I just kind of watch him to see how he does everything. My thoughts are that you have to be doing something right if you’ve been able to stay in the league for as long as he has been.

Similarly, Lemuel Jeanpierre, another Chiefs undrafted free agent, talked about becoming accustomed to the center position.

Actually, going into my junior year I was at guard and we had another center who had been there for a while. I ended up getting hurt in the Tennessee game playing against (Eric) Berry and the boys. So, going into that next year it was brand new fight for me. We had a brand new offensive line coach and nothing is given to you. I understood that and I had to fight, fight, and fight.

Going into that junior year I was already the backup center, so that got me used to playing multiple positions. I could play both left and right guard, and then also center. I was in a position where I had to get in there any way that I could if I wanted to play football. So that’s how that ended up coming about.

Brian Waters also has some experience at center but that doesn't seem to be a likely scenario considering they'd then have to find another guard.

Of course just because you have a bunch of mediocre backups doesn't necessarily mean they would only go with Niswanger or Wiegmann but I'd still put my money on them keeping just one of those players.

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