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American Century Championship Golf Tourney: My Money's On Todd Haley

Tony Romo nearly won this event last year now it's Todd Haley's turn to make a run at it.

Before he got into football, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley played golf at the Univ. of North Florida so you've gotta think he's got a good shot at the American Century Championship Golf Tournament from July 13-15 in Lake Tahoe.

I noticed 810 WHB is up in Lake Tahoe this weekend so be on the lookout for some soundbites from Haley.

Here's the full list of participants. A few former Chief connections are supposed to be there: Jared Allen, Herm Edwards, Marcus Allen, Jack Del Rio and Trent Green. Oh, and Joe Carter and Don Cheadle -- both from or living in the Kansas City area.

Now he can question everyone else as he tries to beat last year's winner, former MLB pitcher Rick Rhoden and runner-up Tony Romo.

It appears Matt Cassel was scheduled to attend at one point. Here he's listed as a "departure" from the tournament but he's not on the official list anymore.

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