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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 7/13

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Good morning and welcome to Tuesday. We have a lot of Kansas City Chiefs news today. I am once more skipping Twitter so I get to work on time. Enjoy.

So, when reports first started to leak about the Chiefs’ interest in the former BYU RB Harvey Unga (above), I barely batted an eyelash. Given that the position Unga plays seems more crowded around K.C. than a BBQ eatery, that news came as nothing more than the typical maneuver of a responsible organization, performing due diligence on yet another player.  

But when I found out that the Chiefs multiplied their inquiries about the one-time Cougar, I suddenly became aware of one hidden sub-plot that was unfolding right before my eyes: a possible relaxation within the confines of One Arrowhead Drive, symbolized by the always recurrent vision of picking talent above everything else.

Are The Chiefs Relaxing? … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs from

There are some typing errors in the DT part of the next article ( I nevr do that), but the videos are great.

It’s hard to come by great rookie performances that someday wind up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and better yet to see the NFL’s Rookie of the Year to find his way to Canton.

In 42 years of old school muddy fields to the new age of turf, the Associated Press has been voting Rookies of the Year to the NFL.

Since 1967, the Associated Press has given out two annual Rookie of the Year Awards to NFL American football players: one for an offensive player and one for a defensive player. These two are often regarded as the "official" Rookie of the Year Awards...

...Here is a look at the 13 NFL Rookies of the Year who have found their way into the Hall of Fame.

Rookie of the Year to Hall of Fame (With Video) from Bleacher Report

The New Arrowhead Stadium will debut at the end of August when the Chiefs host Philadelphia in a pre-season game...

...Remaining within the stadium shell are memories of the hundreds of games that have been played there since the summer of 1972...

...Today, it’s the longest running plays in Arrowhead Stadium history.

Arrowhead History: Longest Running Plays from Bob Gretz

Sometimes what goes on in the National Football League just doesn’t make sense. You really do have to expect the unexpected every year. A team that is a joke one year can turn into a powerhouse the next. There have been too many examples to count so let’s just expect that at least one team will pleasantly surprise us in 2010. The question is, is that team the Kansas City Chiefs?

You can forget about their 10-38 record over the last three seasons because three years is an eternity in the NFL and one more year can change everything...

...This season it is possible for the Chiefs to be that sleeper team we see every year. They are young and are improving. Plus they have an amazing coaching staff with Haley, Weis and Crennel leading the way, these Chiefs will try to lead the tribe to a successful 2010 season. The staff will need to work their magic but don’t count the team out just yet.

Can the Kansas City Chiefs turn it around this year? from

Next article includes a slideshow.

It's not Arrowhead Stadium, but for a while Monday afternoon it felt like it.

Hundreds of Kansas City Chiefs fans came to shoot a video for the National Football League team. The video featured the new chant for the Chiefs, written by Sand Springs' Morgan Ganem and his band Sownds.

Fans show up for Chiefs shoot from The Sand Springs Leader

The Kansas City Chiefs are excited to announce the launch of the Chiefs Kids Club, the official fan club for Chiefs fans 15 and younger. The Chiefs Kids Club gives children the opportunity to connect with their favorite NFL team. Two levels of membership are now available and will give Club members exclusive access to newsletters, contests, prizes, special events and much more.

Chiefs Kids Club Memberships Available from

When more than 100 people converged on the golf course on June 14 for the Armed Forces Insurance Hacker’s Classic sports celebrity tournament, the result was more than $27,000 raised to benefit the United Way of Leavenworth County...

...Numerous sports celebrities from the Kansas City area partnered with corporate sponsors on 28 teams that competed in the tournament. Sports celebrities in attendance included former Kansas City Chiefs tight end and current Chiefs Ambassador Walter White, former Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Neil Smith and former Kansas City Chiefs safety David Whitmore, and former University of Kansas basketball player Isaac "Bud" Stallworth.

AFI Sports Celebrity Golf Tournament Raises More Than $27,000 for United Way from PRWeb

Sure, there are things to be worried about. I see the logic. The front 7 is essentially the same as it was in 2009. The run defense was terrible last year. Our nose tackle situation is so bad people are starting to suggest we sign Jason Whitlock to plug up the middle. However, in all the panic about the front 7, we are forgetting there is a factor we may not be considering enough.


Time changes us. The Glenn Dorsey that lines up this fall is not the same Glenn Dorsey that lined up last fall. He will be more experience, he will likely be in better shape and he will be a year older. He will have changed. The same goes with Tyson Jackson, Jovan Belcher, Andy Studebaker, Wallace Gilberry and Alex MaGee.

Time Is On The Chiefs Side from Arrowhead Addict

The 80-player American Century Championship field has been tweaked following the withdrawals of stars...

...Recent departures from the tournament include 1998 champion Mario Lemieux, pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback Matt Cassel, new Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly and actors Oliver Hudson and Kevin Nealon.

Wright among stars added to ACC from The Tahoe Daily Tribune

Kansas City Chiefs (last season: 4-12)

It has been a rough few years for the Kansas City Chiefs as they are going through a serious rebuilding process, but even though they really don’t stand a chance to win the division next season, they will be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come if they continue to surround quarterback Matt Cassel with talented offensive weapons.

The only thing the Chiefs will have going for them in the upcoming season is seeing their defense come into its own. Matt Cassel and company will be much improved next season in my opinion, but they will still last in the AFC West.

AFC West - The Oakland Raiders Finally Make Back to the Playoffs from

Our line was bad last year, and will most likely be a weakness again in 2010.  Many of us are tired of it.  Tired of seeing top draft picks used on block eaters.  Tired of hearing about how long defensive linemen take to develop.  Tired of being lectured about the 3-4.  And most of all, tired of the inevitable failure that has accompanied all of our top defensive line picks for the past ten years.

Not everyone feels this way.  Many are excited about our defensive line.  They feel the unit could finally be close to turning a corner.  That it could become a force to be reckoned with.  This optimism, of course, is centered around Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey.  But is it realistic?  What can we really expect this year from our two most important defenders?  This post will attempt to answer that question.

Realistic Expectations For Dorsey And The Tin Man from Arrowhead Addict

Week 10: Kansas City at Denver - Now the AFC West schedule really cranks into gear. A visit from the Chiefs is never an easy one to handle. The one-two-three punch of Matt Cassel, Jamaal Charles, and Thomas Jones brings a new element to the offense. The Chiefs finished 4-12 last year, but really made the last win of the season against the Broncos a crushing blow. Regardless of the Chiefs record, they’re never a team to take lightly. That week of rest will do the Broncos well in this game. Winner: Broncos   

Denver Broncos: Predicted Regular Season Record from Predominatly Orange

"Quite honestly, you’re never going to have the level of obsessiveness over soccer in the U.S. because there are a lot of other things to follow," said Lee Berke, sports media consultant who has worked with teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL and major-league baseball.

"As interested as your readers were in soccer two to three weeks ago, they are already talking about the Kansas City Chiefs and what’s going to happen in the Big 12 this fall. There is this ongoing merry-go-round of sports that divides a lot of attention. Soccer is going to have to compete against all these other sports to keep people’s attention during that four-year cycle (between World Cups)."

That’s the challenge facing MLS. Commissioner Don Garber was asked during an ESPN interview how the league could build off the World Cup interest.

MLS wants to capitalize on America’s interest in the World Cup from KC Star

ESPN host Chris Berman has been recognized as the 2010 recipient of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Pete Rozelle Radio- Television Award.

The award recognizes long-time exceptional contributions to radio and television in professional football.

ESPN's Berman honored with Pete Rozelle Award from KC Star
Maybe he's just being nice? Via Twitter:

@LFitzgerald11 Bowe is a beast.Very fluid 4 a big WR

@rmcohen: Hope your FFF can rub off on D Bowe - my Chiefs need him to rep on AND off the field

Larry Fitzgerald Likes Dwayne Bowe from SB Nation Kansas City

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