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One Reason First Round Picks May Not Sign For A While

I imagine over the next week to two weeks we'll start to see a few players selected at the end of the first round sign contracts with their teams. I noted before that most front offices don't even start negotiations with their first round picks until after the 4th of July holiday.

Jack Bechta, NFL agent and writer for National Football Post, recently gave another reason why teams may hold off on signing players early and thus handing out signing bonuses earlier. The idea is that teams don't want to give their players a big check early in the offseason because it might become motivation to go out and party or blow it on something that might distract them from preparing their body for the upcoming season.

I had one GM tell me that he "likes keeping the rookies poor and hungry until camp." Thus, his orders to the salary cap manager are, "Don’t even start negotiations until after the July 4th weekend."

The Chiefs may have an advantage in this draft. They've consistently pointed out that character was a focus. Not only does the athletic ability have to fit but the mental part does, too. We'll see if it works but that was the party line this year.

Would Eric Berry be distracted from preparing for the 2010 season if he gets a big check from the Chiefs? Well, he's already gotten his 2010 Camaro...what else does a guy need?

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