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Chiefs Brass Continues High Offseason Approval Ratings


We first noticed this trend last year. In the offseason, the approval ratings for the Chiefs brass skyrocket.

Look at Todd Haley for example. Last December, he was at a 48% approval rating. By the next month, a few days after the Chiefs had beaten the Broncos to end the season, Haley was at 79%. And now he will finish at 92% for this month.

Scott Pioli bottomed out in October 2009 at 70%. Today he also stands at 92%. He's been over 91% for six consecutive months.

We've had 15 monthly approval polls for Clark Hunt. He has been over 90% in 11 of those months (also bottoming out in December 2009).

If our first year of approval ratings is any indication, all three will reach their peak in August 2009 and bottom out from October-December. It'll be interesting to see how the ratings look if the Chiefs start off winning.

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