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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 7/10

Welcome to the weekend and your Arrowheadlines. Once again, we've linked to the latest Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. Enjoy! 

This summer will be the first without the football camp after the Chiefs opted to move it from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls to its home state. Community leaders are searching for ways to replace the lost revenue and excitement.

"I'm gonna miss 'em," said Craig Foster, owner of the Foster Sports shop, which used to fill its windows with Chiefs gear each summer. "It always brought some excitement into the area, and it was good to have."

This summer, River Falls' leaders are waiting to gauge the impact on businesses and the students who lost a chance at coveted summer jobs

River Falls smarting over loss of Kansas City Chiefs' training camp from The Pioneer Press

The New Arrowhead Stadium will debut at the end of August when the Chiefs host Philadelphia in a pre-season game...

...Remaining within the stadium shell are memories of the hundreds of games that have been played there since the summer of 1972.

Arrowhead History: Most Rushing Yards from Bob Gretz

Given the news and obvious reactions that have landed here I decided it was appropriate to answer some of the questions and comments that have come after the announcement of going to premium content.

First, a very deep thank you to everyone who posted and the support you provided in some of those comments really poured fuel into my engine. One more quiet week and then I can’t wait to move forward. You guys are too kind and although I’m a word merchant, it’s tough for me to adequately express my thanks.

I have answers to some specific questions at the end of this post. Let me hit a couple common themes.

Answers & Replies from Bob Gretz

As the Kansas City Chiefs draw closer to the 2010 season there’s three camps: The optimist, the pessimist, and the fanatic. Granted, a few stopped caring, but even outsiders have opinions about the Chiefs.

 Much of how fans feel is because of what Scott Pioli has done or hasn’t done. It depends on which side of the three-way fence you’re on. Last year, players like Chris Chambers were brought in late but made a difference, so even after training camp there’s diamonds in the rough. But as the Chiefs sit right now, has Pioli played it smart?

Optimist? Pessimist? Or true fanatic? from The Examiner

There are plenty of problems in Kansas City, but the head coach and quarterback are typically blamed first. From an outside perspective, it's easy to say Cassel was a product of the Patriots' system, and his contract will always come with bigger expectations. If things don’t get better in Kansas City in 2010, Cassel might hear it from the home crowd.

Chiefs Take Positive Steps Forward, But Still Far Away from Super Bowl from

I've read many articles about who's the best team in the AFC West and who will beat who.


I decided to break down the positions a bit and also put in some interesting rankings that will maybe make some of you fans stop the bickering about who's the best. Let the debate begin as I'll try to be as non-bias as I possibly can.

I hope you enjoy this.

Who's the Best in the AFC West: Position Rankings from Bleacher Report

The same will likely go for Kansas City’s second-round pick Dexter McCluster, a running back/receiver/returner out of Ol’ Miss who looks at a similarly crowded backfield to the one Spiller sees in Buffalo.

In K.C., the duo of Jamaal Charles and ex-Jet Thomas Jones won’t need much help barring injuries — which leaves the Chiefs to rely on sets with McCluster in the slot or spread wide to get him involved.

Will we be calling him Pinball Spiller? from The Toronto Sun

Player Tweets

BCarr39 Was definitely not ready to give a speech in front of a bunch of elementary kids! Thanks again @BFlowers24 lol
BCarr39 This Florida heat aint playin!
JavierArenas30 lets enjoy this day and where we are in our lives
berry1429 LOL u havent been to UT until youve been on bragg st

almighty31 A beautiful woman just satisfied me.... Gave me free food in Chik-fil-A..... itis now lol
JarradPage44 I'm confused as to why it is "betrayal" when a player decides to go to a new team(LeBron James) but (cont)
GlennDorsey72 At the barbershop gettin this Jerry Curl right lol
GlennDorsey72 Tryna change cloths in the car. Where's the driver when I need him!...
BCarr39 Jus woke up from one of the greatest naps of 2010! Idk how Imma go back to sleep for the night...
JavierArenas30 this upcoming training camp is gonna make a man out of all us nfl rookies

Media and Fans

nfllabor 2 weeks ‘til camp: Nearly half of draft picks signed

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