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Chiefs S Eric Berry Says He Told His Agent To Get Him Into Camp On Time

Last year, third overall pick Tyson Jackson was nearly a week late reporting to Chiefs training camp because his reps didn't get a contract done with the Chiefs in time.

This year, fifth overall pick Eric Berry says that won't happen.

"I plan on being there for the first day of camp. I've told my [agent] that from the start. We'll get something done."

OK...this is what every top pick says at this time of year. No one will ever hold out, everyone always tells their agents to get a deal done and they're all good campers.

This isn't a knock on Berry in the slightest. I'm just pointing out that this is more in the hands of Berry's agent -- Chad Speck -- than it is his. A contract that looks bad relative to the other picks around him would reflect poorly upon the agent and ultimately hurt his chances of recruiting other top tier players in the next hiring cycle so he has motivation to hold his client out for the best deal possible.

Will it happen? History says Berry could fairly easily miss a few days of camp.

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