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Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe Says Kurt Warner Visit Motivated Him To Take Game To 'Another Level'

Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe has had a tough go at it in recent weeks. On the one hand, people are going to point to several mistakes he's made since arriving in the NFL in 2007. On the other hand, it's hard to ignore 2,000 yards in your first two years in the league.

610 Sports' Bob Fescoe sat down with Bowe yesterday and asked him what's changed in recent weeks.

"I want to say my drive to want to be great," Bowe said. "My first couple years, just being here was comfortable. Now, I have great coaches pushing me and just the will to be great."

"I just know what I have to do," Bowe continued. "Just talking to the right people -- I've got a couple people in my corner -- that's telling me to be great. Just keeping hearing it over and over. Having Kurt Warner, one of the great quarterbacks, come and talk to the team. All he talked about was being great. Don't be very good. Just be great. I really took that in stride."

Bowe's one of a few Chiefs who have said the visit by Kurt Warner motivated him. Todd Haley has called him a great person (in addition to being a great player) and someone who could really pull out some inspiration and motivation for his team.

Bowe told Fescoe that the Warner visit "definitely" sent a message to him.

"He just took his game to another level," he said. "We've got a lot of great players and a lot of great players so it's time to take my game to another level."

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