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Chiefs Identity On Offense? It Depends

I've been on a few radio shows over the last couple of weeks and one question that usually pops up is: What will the Chiefs identity be in 2010?

Are they a running team? A passing team?

My response is usually that the offseason moves would indicate an emphasis on running the ball. The addition of Casey Wiegmann and Ryan Lilja mesh well with the Chiefs zone blocking scheme and Thomas Jones will complement Jamaal Charles. In addition to that, the Chiefs spent a third round pick on Tony Moeaki, who's expected to be both a receiver and blocker.

If you ask Matt Cassel, though, the Chiefs identity will be changing from week-to-week calling for the Chiefs to take advantage of the mismatches each individual team creates for the Chiefs.

"[Charlie Weis] told us just the other day, ‘I’m not afraid to run the ball 20 times in a row if that means that we are doing the right things and moving the ball,'" Cassel said. "He is also not afraid to throw the ball 25 times in a row either. I think he mentioned last year [at Notre Dame] when they threw the ball 25 straight times because he thought that was advantageous."

From now on when I'm asked what the Chiefs identity will be, I'll have to say it depends on who the opponent is.

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