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Cassel On What's More Difficult: Changing Diapers Or Working With Charlie Weis?

There was a pretty good exchange at Matt Cassel's press conference this afternoon. Cassel spent a little time talking about Tom Brady's relationship with Charlie Weis and what he may be able to take out of that.

"What [Brady] has said about Charlie is that he is going to push you and push you and push you and it is just to make you better," said Cassel. "At the end, all the yelling and sometimes getting on you is all for the betterment of you as a player."

Kansas City knows a few things about folks that yell. Gunther Cunningham comes to mind. Is all the yelling a good thing?

"You just have to take it in stride," Cassel said. "What point is he trying to get across? What message is he trying to get to you as a player? From there, you have to take that as positive coaching and the negative part you kind of have to let go by and move forward."

So there's the yelling from Weis (which I heard a bit of today at practice) and then there's changing diapers. Cassel just had a child (a girl, Quinn) and commented that he's been changing a lot of diapers recently. So someone posed the question: Is it more difficult to change diapers or work with Weis?

"That is a tough one," he said. "Changing diapers is difficult, but I would say working with Weis sometimes."

Any fathers out there that can relate? Changing diapers or an intense boss....I can barely do the dishes.

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