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Brian Waters Says Dexter McCluster May Be The Fastest Teammate He's Ever Had

The longest tenured Chief has seen some speedsters in his day. Brian Waters talked with the media this afternoon about some of the faster players he's been around.

Dante Hall's name came up.

"I've seen Dante Hall do some things in a short space that a lot of people aren't able to do."

So did Jamaal Charles.

"I've seen Jamaal be able to break away and make some cuts."

What about Dexter McCluster?

"He's fast," Waters said. "I mean, really, You can see why he was such an explosive player and why they took him so high. As football speed, he's right up there," Waters told me and a group of assembled media.

"He's right up there with some of the fastest guys I've ever seen on the football field."

McCluster literally busted out of his shoes last week. (No, seriously. He broke his shoes. Who breaks shoes?). His biggest advantage -- like Dante Hall -- is that he's very small as well. Once he gets into the open field, it'll be tough to catch him.

Waters also said he and the offensive line are getting used to have some faster players on the team.

"It's going to be part of Charlie's job to figure out what we do best," Waters said. "We became a faster football team."

And that was the goal.

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