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Madden '11 Says Chiefs Are Only AFC West Team To Improve

EA Sports has come out with their team ratings for the 2011 version of Madden.

If we're to believe Madden ratings, the Chiefs are the only AFC West team to improve.

The Chargers are ranked 10th overall in the 2011 version of the game. Their rating is an 85 which is a drop of four points from last year.

The Broncos are rated as the 19th best team. But they dropped from an 80 rating last year to a 78 this year.

The Raiders stayed the same at 71 overall and ranked 26th. They were one spot ahead of...

The Chiefs, who went from a 68 overall rating to a 71.

OK, so it's not exactly Christian Okoye in Tecmo Bowl domination but it's improvement.

One of the creators of Madden 2011 said Dexter McCluster was "sick" in the game.

A little more on Madden: Here are the rookie ratings and here's the story on the player on the cover.

(H/T Abyssmal)

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