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Blast From The Past: Former Chiefs Coming Out For Eric Hicks' Football Camp

We've already had one blurb about a Chiefs player doing some good things off the field. Now here's one on some former Chiefs doing some good in the community.

Former Chiefs defensive lineman Eric Hicks is putting on a football camp at Blue Valley High School June 9-12.

"I got some oldies but some goodies," Hicks told the guys on 810 WHB's Border Patrol. "Trent Green, Eddie Kennison, Kendall Gammon, Anthony Davis, Marc Boerigter, Mike Maslowski. Blast from the past. These guys will come out and support each other."

Include Dustin Colquitt in that group, according to Hicks' website.

Believe it or not, Hicks is getting into coaching. He'll be coaching the defensive line at Blue Valley Southwest the upcoming season.

So what kind of coach is he? Players coach? Gunther-esque?

"You can be a players coach up until the point where you need to get your point across. But you can't be a yeller, I've found over the years."

Hicks told a story of sitting next to a submarine commander on a plane one time. He asked him what it's like "down under" for three months at a time and if there's a lot of yelling. The commander, Hicks says, told him you can't yell all the time or people will just brush you off.

Yeah, there was some Gunther talk in there.

Check out more on the football camp at

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