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Derrick Johnson's Charitable Event Brings Priest Holmes And Jamaal Charles

Derrick Johnson is holding a charitable event in Austin, TX this evening. From the looks of it, it'll be a pretty cool casino royale event. Guests include: Mack Brown, Michael Huff, Tommie Harris and Cedric Benson.

Besides DJ, there will be a Chiefs feel to the event with Priest Holmes and Jamaal Charles in attendance.

DJ appeared on KVUE, Austin's local ABC affiliate, this morning to discuss the event. This sounds like a good event that will raise some serious cash for underprivileged kids.

You can watch the video above or (since you're probably at work), after the jump, I transcribed everything he had to say.

The Derrick Johnson Foundation caters to underprivileged kids. I'm always trying to give back to the youth because that's our future. Being a professional athlete, you always need to ground yourself and stay humble. Not only financially, but you need to mentor them, too, on how to be successful.

The main thing I let them know that is you have to stay humble with everything you do. My Mom raised me and instilled a lot of education in me. Grades are a very, very important part of it. If you want to be anything, even like a doctor, you have to make your grades and have a good attitude through it all.

Young people can teach you a lot of things because they're in some bad situations at times. At the same time, someone like me who they see on TV a lot, I come into their life and actually talk to them, it changes their life completely. Sometimes they listen to me more than their parents. That's big to me. If I can have that influence on them, I'm up to that task.

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