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Matt Cassel Talks About Kurt Warner's Visit With The Chiefs

In our effort to completely milk all we can out of Kurt Warner's visit to the Chiefs on Wednesday, we've got one more story. This time it comes from Alex Marvez of who spoke with Matt Cassel regarding Warner's visit.

"He spoke to the team about greatness and the importance of it," Cassel told Marvez following practice this afternoon.

"Too many times, there are players in this league who don’t want to be good enough. He hit the nail right on the head when he talked about to be great, you have to be something special and work toward it. The message was crystal clear. It was great to hear from him."

His message was crystal clear...This meshes with what Todd Haley had to say about his visit as well as what Jerheme Urban told Josh Looney of

Now for the interesting part (That means nothing): Warner and Cassel talked shop.

"We talked a little Xs and Os about Todd and what they did in Arizona," Cassel said. "I got a feel for the different things that go through his mind, whether it’s game planning or thought processes. It was fun."

If Kurt Warner is taking a cross-country caravan with his family, then that means he's got to come back this way. Another visit to Arrowhead perhaps?

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