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Chiefs Coach Says Kurt Warner's Visit Wasn't About A Job

OK, so we knew Kurt Warner's visit to the Chiefs OTAs on Wednesday wasn't about him getting a job with the Chiefs. But since he was asked about that in his press conference, I wanted to point out that Todd Haley said it was just about Warner being "strictly an old friend."

"I think he's got more important things to do," Haley said of Warner coaching. "He's spreading his word and obviously a great Christian that does it the right way. He's tremendous. No, he's got more important things to do than coach."

Warner did address the team and, as Josh Looney of points out, the theme was: Do you want to be great today? That's something we could've guessed after seeing Warner's string of tweets last night.

After the jump is some more of what Haley had to say about Warner.

On what Warner was doing there:

Our families kinda became close over our time in Arizona. I had asked him multiple times if...I let him know our training camp dates and our offseason dates and said if he could fit us into his busy schedule -- and by us I mean the Haleys -- that'd be great. With his family, he's on a caravan trip across the country which sounds exciting and fun and resesmbles my family somewhat. It worked out where he was able to come through here. Put aside the football ability, he is a tremendous, tremendous person. He was gracious enough to speak to the fellas. I just thought it was great and nice of him to come out and do that for us.

More on Warner the person:

I'm telling you, Kurt Warner is as good as they come. I'm not trying to embarass him but he's a special, special human being. He's the type of person, when you're around, he makes you a little better person and a little more accountable for yourself. The only reason that came to light what they did as a family was somebody caught them.

[Editor's Note: The person that asked this question talked about Warner buying dinner for folks whenever his family went out. Sort of a goodwill thing.]

But he had talked about some of those things that he does and, I mean, he's an inspiration. He's special and for him to come out and talk to these guys...again, I saw a lot of wide eyes and talking and paying attention.

On what the Chiefs can get from talking to a potential future Hall of Famer:

What can't they get? Somebody that speaks like him and is able to relate to a lot fo the things they're going through, I think they could get a lot.

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