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Urban Says Chiefs Coach Is The Same Guy Now As He Was In Arizona

Todd Haley frequently talks about consistency with his players. 'Be the same guy every day,' he says. It makes sense and it's not all that different from most head coaches.

So what if we held Haley to that same standard: Is he the same guy every day?

According to Jerheme Urban, who played under Haley in Arizona and now with the Chiefs, Haley's not much different from his time as a Cardinals coach.

"This is something we could all see in Arizona as far as the way he carried himself in Arizona and ran practices," Urban told Josh Looney of "He's still the same guy as far as very demanding and attention to detail. He just wants you to be great."

You can tell Urban has been listening to Haley. He hit on a few talking points.

"Still the same guy" is consistency....."Demanding and attention to detail" is a hallmark of Haley and Parcells...."Wants you to be great" is a question Haley has asked his players on more than one occasion.

I agree about the importance of consistency. Let's say you've got a boss -- and he's a big jerk (For the record, I'm not saying Haley is a jerk) -- wouldn't it be easier to handle if you knew every day he'd be a jerk? Instead of one of those bosses that blows up some days and is your best friend the next?

Luckily for me, I don't have to worry about a boss.

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