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ESPN's Mel Kiper Calls Chiefs' Berry A 'Shoo-in', McCluster A 'Touchdown-Maker'

ESPN's Mel Kiper is one of the (many) folks who had good things to say about the Chiefs 2010 draft class. Kiper recently penned an Insider article talking about rookies that could make an instant impact in the league. Two of those players -- Eric Berry and Dexter McCluster -- have been given that label by quite a few folks.

First, he places Berry in the "Shoo-ins" category. Berry was described as one of the most complete, NFL ready players in the draft. His most recent season in football was with famed NFL defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin while he played a similar scheme to what the Chiefs run in his freshman and sophomore seasons at Tennessee.

Even though Berry may have a few "hiccups" early in the process, Kipers says, you can "lock this guy in your starting lineup from the first day and throw away the key."

Next, puts McCluster in the "Touchdown-Makers" category. He says the Chiefs "took a risk" with McCluster in the second round and that he's been "miscast" as a running back ala Darren Sproles.

Per Kiper, the key to McCluster's instant impact will be getting him the ball in the passing game. Thus far in OTAs, the Chiefs have worked him at running back (and the wildcat), receiver and returner. The feeling at this point is that he'll see the most time at receiver.

Sure, they've yet to put on the pads in the NFL, but the Chiefs rookie class continues to get good reviews.

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