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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 6/3

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Not gonna lie. I'm hung over. Had a bit of a going away party last night. I'm off for vacation for a week. I'm not sure of the internet possibilities where I'll be , but hopefully I can check in. Luckily, full-time Joel can pick up my slack. By the way, we're going tweet-free today so I can carry all of my crap to the car. Here's today's Kansas City Chiefs news. I'll be thinking of you guys while I'm at the beach.

The fact that there are just 19 of the league’s 255 draft choices under contract at this point speaks to the need for the NFL to have a rookie salary system that’s similar to that of the NBA. In basketball, drafted players are paid on a scale that set up before hand. There are no negotiations.

Based on years of evidence in he NFL, teams and agents can pretty much slot out the payments for each choice in each round and not be far off the reality of the situation.

There’s another reason only 19 contracts have been turned into the league office: until a draft choice signs his contract, he does not count against the 80-man maximum roster that teams can have right now. At a time when almost every team is going through on-field practices, OTAs and mini-camps, having the extra bodies are always helpful and something coaches seek and enjoy.

Getting Rookies Inked … Thursday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Concussions in the NFL have become a major topic of concern during the past year. The league has implemented new return-to-play guidelines for players who suffer concussions in practice or a game, and each team must consult with an independent neurologist whenever there is a head injury.

While the NFL may have appeared less pro-active regarding concussions in the past - and at odds with independent research or the players' union - the league's representatives say that tone has changed.

"I think your key is 'in the past,'" said Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, a co-chairman of the NFL's revamped head, neck and spine medical committee. "I think going forward, we are walking lock step. We have a very audacious goal in front of us."

Ideas aplenty at forum on NFL and brain injuries from KC Star

Apparently former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner has a lot of doubters in his life….those who doubt he is really retired and is going to un-retire and make a comeback.  Why do people really think that?  I think we have some fans in denial.  Major denial.  I want Warner to come back for another season as much as the next guy, but let’s be real people.  He’s done.  Forever.

Today during Kansas City Chiefs "practice", also known as Organized Team Activities, Warner attended and tweeted not once did he have the itch to return to the field.  It was the first football practice he attended since retiring.  He spent the day visiting with his old coach Todd Haley.

Warner Not Tempted to Un-Retire from Raising Zona

Instead, it was about the Trojans tradition and history of sending quarterbacks to the NFL. Current starter Matt Barkley will be a sophomore in the fall and is considered a top prospect for the 2012 NFL Draft. The four starters before him -- Mark Sanchez, John David Booty, Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer -- are all in the NFL, three as starters, two after winning Heisman Trophies. And even Matt Cassel, who never started a game as a USC quarterback, starts for the Kansas City Chiefs.

"(USC offensive coordianator Clay Helton) always told me to look at all these great names I could associate myself with," Kessler said. "They're all playing in the NFL, playing on Sundays."

Centennial QB Kessler verbally commits to play at USC from

Once a tough nemesis for the Raiders, the Kansas City Chiefs have been pretty bad for pretty long. Throwing big money and a starting job at QB Matt Cassel might prove to be a huge mistake; it looks that way so far. While they might not get any worse and could be heading in the right direction, those are code words for "crappy team."

Wild Wild AFC West Up for Grabs from Real Football 365

Wire with the help of some current and former NFL players is hosting a celebrity mini-golf tournament this Saturday at the Challenge Family Fun Center in Hummelstown...

...Joining Wire at the event will be former Philadelphia Eagles fullback Jon Ritchie, current Kansas City Chiefs fullback, and Red Land alum Mike Cox, Cleveland Browns defensive back Hank Poteat, former Major League Baseball player Shawn Abner, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end John Gilmore and Wire’s current Falcons teammates Brent Grimes and quarterback Matt Ryan.

Falcons LB Coy Wire giving back to area athletes from

Reading about the Vikings stadium situation is unbelievable. Minnesota's problem is they can't get the taxpayers to pony up literally hundreds of millions for a new facility, a tall order even in a great economy. Here in Jacksonville, we have a top-tier stadium and are having trouble filling it. It seems like we have the easy task.

Vic: As I have said, the last city to lose an NFL team based solely on attendance problems is Dallas. It lost the 1952 Texans at midseason due to horrible attendance and mounting financial losses. You could also make a case for the early-AFL Dallas Texans that moved to Kansas City and became the Chiefs, though that was when that league was new and unstable. Nearly all of the other relocations – Browns, Oilers, Colts, Raiders, Cardinals, Rams – were the result of stadium issues. We do not have a stadium issue in Jacksonville. This is solely about attendance.

Three guys from suburban Johnson County grow up within blocks of one another, independently pursue show business careers and almost simultaneously become successful comedy icons in TV, film and live performance.

Now Rob Riggle, Jason Sudeikis and Paul Rudd are coming home to use their cultural clout for charity...

...There is no big secret to their involvement, the three claim. They’re Kansas Citians. This is what Midwesterners do.

"I love being from KC," Riggle said. "I wear my Chiefs hat all over LA. I like being from the Midwest. Midwesterners are polite, well-mannered, good people. I’m really proud of my roots."

Three homegrown funnymen find their way back to KC for a good cause from KC Star

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