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Chiefs Safety Eric Berry Speaks From The Rookie Symposium

The Chiefs rookies are at the NFL's rookie symposium which is basically an orientation for the NFL.

NFL Network caught up with Berry for a few minutes where he talked about being a rookie in the NFL and how he expects the Chiefs to use him.

On life in the NFL so far:

It's been great. At first, it was a bit of a whirlwind but now I'm getting adjusted with the other rookies. So you have guys you can bounce things off of, and see what they're going through, and where they're coming from. We all sit down and go through them together because we're in the same situation.

On how the Chiefs will use him

I think they'll probably use me any way they can. It's not really my decision to say where they should put me. I'm the one who will respond when they put me there and do the best I can to help my team. I'm not being paid to make any decisions.

More on how the Chiefs will use him:

They'll probably leave me at safety and I'm fine with that. That's where I feel comfortable. I just want to go out there and really perform.

You can see the full interview at

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