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Chiefs Safety Eric Berry Talks About Instincts Taking Over

Chiefs rookie safety and first round pick Eric Berry talked with Yahoo! Sports Shutdown Corner this week.

One part I found interesting was about his mental -- not physical -- capabilities. Berry has been touted as being a physical specimen but what helps him quite a bit is his ability to see defenses and react. That's all mental.

I don't think [the thinking] ever shuts off, to be honest with you. The instincts and reaction and having to move — that's what football is. You have to learn how to deal with different adjustments, and know how to react to different types of plays. And do it on the fly. Of course, the technique is going to help you throughout the game, but the instincts sometimes take over. I think that where technique comes in handy is when you start to get fatigued. That's when it really comes in. You try to use it all the time, but sometimes, instincts do take over.

I think that's so true. It's like Tim Tebow trying to change his throwing motion. He can learn new techniques but, when faced with pressure, instincts will take over and likely revert back to the "old Tebow".

Berry comes from a good school where in his first two years he played a defense similar to the one Romeo Crennel is employing now. His final year was with famed former NFL defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

So he's got some good coaches behind him that have helped those instincts.

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