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Which Chiefs Receiver Will Lead The Team In 2010?

The knock on the Chiefs passing game for some time has been the lack of a true number one receiver. Tony Gonzalez was the number one target for some time but alas he's not a receiver. Dwayne Bowe looked like he was going to be that guy before his 2009 season was derailed. Chris Chambers only played half of a season but it looks like he might have a shot.

So who will be the Chiefs number on receiver?

It's going to come down to Bowe and Chambers.

For Bowe, he's already demonstrated he can be successful. He put up about 1,000 yards in each of his first two seasons making some believe (read: me) that he was going to break out in year three and become a top ten receiver in the NFL.

OK, so that never happened.

Chambers came on board in the middle of last year and quickly became the Chiefs number one target, which was good timing because that's about the same time Bowe was being relegated to the bench due to a suspension.

Statistically speaking, I suspect both players will probably end up in the same general vicinity. A good year from both would be hovering around the 1,000 yard mark. Is that possible? A lot depends on Matt Cassel but the way Bowe's first two years in the league went and how Chambers did in half a season last year I'd say it's definitely possible.

To settle this, let's put it to a vote. Who has more yards in 2010?

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