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How Many Chiefs Rookies Wind Up On The First Team?

I just got done ranking the Chiefs draft picks over at SB Nation Kansas City. From top to bottom, I looked at the drat picks that will have the biggest impact in year one.

Number one might surprise you.

But that brings me to my next question: How many rookies will run with the Chiefs first team on Sundays?

It can be draft picks or undrafted free agents but likely only draft picks end up as starters in year one.

Though it may surprise you, I'm going with just two rookie first-teamers to start the season:

  • Eric Berry, safety: No surprise here. He's been on the first team from the start.
  • Javier Arenas, nickelback: Also not a huge surprise. If you follow the Chiefs closely, you know he's got the nickelback job on lockdown.

The others? I think plenty of others will contribute but not as least not at first.

Dexter McCluster has a shot but I think ultimately Jerheme Urban starts the season at slot because of his experience. Same deal with Tony Moeaki. He could win the job by the end of the season but, in my mind, Leonard Pope starts the season as number one. 

Kendrick Lewis is a wildcard here. He's going up against Jon McGraw in the safety race. This is an interesting battle.

Jon Asamoah and Cameron Sheffield are projects for the long-term.

The best part about this is that I'll probably change my mind several times a week all the way throughout training camp (In fact, a few weeks ago I predicted four starters from this class) There are a bunch of rookies competing for time that have legitimate shots to win the starting job. As Todd Haley would say, 'Competition. It's a good thing.'

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