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Chiefs, AFC West Have Excellent Special Teams

Kansas City Chiefs fans are big fans of Dustin Colquitt. Sure, most fans aren't crazy about their punter but Colquitt is A.) one of the best players on the team and B.) one of the few players fans have been able to draw a connection to with all the turnover in Kansas City.

Still, I was surprised to see where Colquitt landed on ESPN's ranking of the AFC West's punters and kickers.

1. Shane Lechler, Oakland: He is a special talent. Watching him boom punts is a thing of beauty.

2. Mike Scifres, San Diego: This guy is a superstar, too. Scifres is a placement artist.

3. Dustin Colquitt, Kansas City: It’s too bad he plays in the same division as Lechler and Scifres. Colquitt is a star in his own right.

And Ryan Succop?

Last in the AFC West. But, as Bill Williamson says, he's probably heading up soon.

7. Ryan Succop, Kansas City: Don’t look at his ranking as a negative. He is very good and he should be for the next 10-to-15 years. He showed a great leg as a rookie. Again, this is just a terrific class.

I guess I didn't realize how good the AFC West's special teams were. Hopefully Dustin Colquitt stays near the top and younger brother Britton Colquitt (Broncos punter) doesn't catch up to him.

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