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Chiefs QB Brodie Croyle Puts On Some Weight

Brodie Croyle has a reputation around Kansas City Chiefs fans as being injury prone. He struggled with a few injuries while at Alabama and that carried onto Kansas City where he lost his starting job because of injury.

Now that Matt Cassel is in town, Croyle's firmly the backup.

Just in case he needs some spot-duty, he's putting on some weight to potentially avoid further injury.

"Last year I was around 205, 206 pounds," he said. "When we finished mini­camp (in May) I was at 214. Maybe that will give me a chance to stay healthy and be able to take the beating you take when you play in the NFL."

Croyle does look really frail out there relative to others so I think this is a smart move.

Croyle also said he's not content being a backup. He's on a one-year contract so, if he wants to be a starter, he'll likely have the opportunity to seek that out next year.

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