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Chiefs QB Brodie Croyle Talks About Wanting To Be A Starter

Brodie Croyle is a co-owner of a new sports complex in Alabama and stopped to talk with the media on his first visit to the complex.

Croyle went to school at Alabama so after the requisite "What will this year's Alabama team be like?" questions they moved onto the Chiefs.

Here's what Croyle had to say:

On the Chiefs offseason:

Everything went good. I think we're going to be a lot better. We've excited about the season. We've given ourselves a chance. That's all we can do.

On his shoulder:

Everything's good. All in one piece. I'm looking forward to a healthy season.

On where the Chiefs will be better in 2010:

Just all around. The coaches and the front office have a bunch of guys in that are going to help us fill in key positions. And the guys we have are getting better.

On the changes to the Chiefs in the offseason:

We have a couple offensive lineman that are going to start for us and then Thomas Jones, obviously. There's a lot that's going to help us.

On being a backup to Matt Cassel:

This is the second year so he kind of has a good feel for me and Matt since we're the only two coming back of the guys that he had. You like to feel good about where you're going in but at the same time, it's the NFL and you alwyas have to compete for your job, no matter what it is.

On wanting to be a starter:

You're never content being a backup. Once you've played, and started, you always have that drive. If you lose that drive, you'er porbably not in the game anywhere. Obviously, I want to start, but Im in a good postition there.

On Herm saying he'll be a starter in the NFL again:

I have to. That's obviously what I believe. I appreciate Herm saying that. Obviously, he was the one that gave me my shot. I just gotta keep playing . You don't know when your next chance will come again and when it does, you gotta be ready to go.

On his injuries:

They're always frustrating, without a doubt. They happen for a reason, and we don't know what it is but down the road I'll overcome them then go from there.

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