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Dexter McCluster's NFL Comparison Might Be Josh Cribbs

I've got a buddy who knows I'm pretty into the Chiefs and the NFL. He's always bugging me with questions that, frankly, could be answered if he just read the site. The other day, he was asking about our draft picks and didn't understand what his role would be when I described it.

"Well, he'll kind of do it all," I said. "He'll line up as a receiver, some at running back and maybe even wildcat. He'll return kicks, too."

"Who do you compare him to in the NFL?" my friend asked.

Well....who would I compare McCluster to?

I thought about it for a while and I suppose the best comparison would be a more offense-oriented Josh Cribbs, the do it all player for the Browns.

Last year, Cribbs rushed the ball 55 times for 381 yards. He also caught 20 passes for 135 yards. Cribbs' main role, though, was a return man. He returned 12 punts in 2009 and scored one touchdown. He also led the NFL with three kick return touchdowns.

McCluster's role with the 2010 Chiefs probably won't be far off. I imagine you'll see more of an emphasis on receiving vs. rushing. McCluster is also expected to return kicks along with Javier Arenas.

Is that about the best NFL comparison for McCluster given everything we know at this point?

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