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What's Coming Down The Pipe For The Chiefs?

Since I've been covering the Royals more at SB Nation Kansas City, I've been getting used to knowing what's coming down the pipe in the minor leagues. So many decisions at the major league level are made knowing what's down the line at the minor league level (Alex Gordon anyone?).

Using that idea, I looked for the position group on the Chiefs with the brightest future. The position that, I think, doesn't need anymore pieces added in the immediate future.

Unfortunately for the Chiefs, I only felt comfortable listing two position groups under this category. Both of them are after the jump. I'm sure many of you will disagree, so let me know where I'm wrong in the comments.


Ah, like the Royals this is a position filled with lots of potential.  There's very little production yet but there's hope. The long-term future appears to be Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis. The immediate future (on Sept. 13) might be Berry and Jon McGraw.

Reshard Langford was picked plucked from the Eagles practice squad last year so the Chiefs have some hope for him there. They've also got Donald Washington moving to safety so there's definitely potential with these guys.

Is it the deepest this second? No, but I think it's the position group most set for the future.


The present and the future is Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr. There's no question about that.

However, with the addition of Javier Arenas and Maurice Leggett being a capable short-term fill-in, the depth here isn't half bad. More NFL teams will run three receiver sets, which puts one more of these guys into action, but I think the future looks bright here as well.

Other positions of consideration:

  • Receiver: Dwayne Bowe has too many question marks or else he and Dexter McCluster would form a solid future.
  • Running back: Thomas Jones isn't the future of the team and, after Jamaal Charles, there isn't much.
  • Defensive end: There hasn't been much production yet but the Chiefs have two first rounders and a third rounder in waiting.

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