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When It Comes To Drafts, NFL Is Still King

I'm sitting here watching the 2010 NBA Draft on ESPN. It's entertaining and worth watching but....

It's got nothin' on the NFL draft.

The NFL draft is a week-long affair that dominates TV ratings and truly is an event. There's so much more hype in the NFL.

I was at the draft in New York City this year and, I can tell you, the whole city knew the draft was there. There was a buzz in the building and more media had been devoted to the 32 first round picks that first Thursday night then any other draft in history.

It's amazing how much coverage there can be but, media outlets wouldn't be devoting that much time to it, if it wasn't worth it and people didn't want to be watching it and reading about it.

This isn't meant to knock the NBA at all. In fact, it's the only other draft that's tolerable to watch. Baseball's draft is non-existent to the average fan and hockey isn't popular enough to create a buzz on the national level.

After watching its competition, it's clear the NFL truly is king.

All that said, if you want to be reading about the NBA draft -- and we don't blame you, it's vacation time in the NFL -- has a running tally of all the picks and of course I'm talking about the Jayhawks at SB Nation Kansas City.

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