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Still No Sign Of Chiefs Signing Any Draft Picks

Since this is about the only thing going on in this portion of the offseason we figured an update was in order:

There is no update on the Chiefs draft pick signings.

Last year, Matthew Stafford was signed the day of the draft. This year, no players are under contract at this point. The fact that 32 first round picks remain unsigned isn't that unusual.

As we've mentioned around here, a lot of folks with the NFL (and the Chiefs) are on summer vacation. The players have packed up and the rookies won't be here much longer. The front office is presumably working on rookie contracts or have completed some but haven't yet announced it (I'd go with the latter).

Eric Berry is a special case. Historically, coaches and front office folks return around the 4th of July and start hammering out the first round picks.

As the fifth overall pick, Berry probably has a while to wait. He'll be the last Chief signed and I think he'll most likely sign right around the start of training camp.

Until then, we'll continue to wait for the six other picks in his class to sign.

It's also possible it takes even longer considering Berry's agent is handling a mess in Washington.

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