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Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe Says 2009 Problems Gives Him Chance To Save His Career

Dwayne Bowe tested positive in 2009 for what he claims was a diuretic. He tested positive under the NFL's wide-ranging performance-enhancing drug policy and the NFL doesn't release the drug so we'll never know exactly what it was but Bowe's explanation is plausible.

He says (via Arrowheadlines) he took the opportunity last year -- after the suspension -- to build his body back up the right way.

"It's going to give me a chance to remodel my career," said Bowe, 6-2, 220-pounds. "I'm bigger, faster and stronger now - and I did it the right way. I really think it is going to end up saving my career."

Bowe came into camp out of shape last year so, from these comments, I suspect he won't be arriving in St. Joe out of shape.

Meanwhile, he goes on to say that the offense is going be a strength this year.

"Charlie Weis is dangerous," Bowe said. "The whole mini-camp and the OTAs, the offense has been clicking like crazy. Matt Cassell is doing well and the draft choices are looking great - I can't wait for the season to start."

(Editor's Note" It still surprises me every time I see a newspaper misspell Matt Cassel's last name.)

Oh, and, he wants you to draft him in fantasy football.

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