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Chiefs Now One Of 12 Teams Yet To Sign A Draft Pick

There haven't been any updates in the Chiefs rookie signings thus far. By this point last year, 7th round pick Ryan Succop had already signed and, on June 23, the Chiefs wrapped up fifth rounder Colin Brown so we've been expecting some movement soon.

I was digging through our archives trying to remember how things played out last year and I noticed that the Chiefs generally delayed these announcements a little bit.

The way it worked is that, for the most part, some media outlet would break the news that the Chiefs had signed a rookie. Then it would be several days before the Chiefs officially announced the move. That didn't happen with all of them but some of them.

What I'm saying is that its possible (or likely) the Chiefs have negotiated a couple of deals already but have yet to announce them.

The Chiefs are one of 12 teams that have yet to sign a draft pick. As always, you can expect news of the first rookie signing to be on here within minutes of it being first reported.

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