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GM Scott Pioli Says Things Are Starting To Click For The Chiefs Organization

Linked in Arrowheadlines this morning was an interview from Albert Breer of the Boston Globe with Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, who of course used to work up in Boston.

We haven't heard much publicly from Pioli in a while so it was good to hear from the Chiefs leader. If you haven't seen it yet, it's a good read. Nothing groundbreaking was revealed but Pioli, who has stressed that winning is something that involves every member of the organization, said things are starting to click with everyone.

"They’re starting to understand what’s required,’’ Pioli said. "It’s not completely ingrained yet. It can’t be in 12 months time. It needs to be rewarded with more success.

"[But] everyone’s now been through a whole season cycle with an understanding of expectations. Now, you go in the locker room, talk to the trainers, the video people, the equipment guys, all the support staff, and they have an understanding not only of what we’re doing, but why we’re doing it.’’

There's some good stuff in the interview, including a quote about what he does with criticism that comes his way.

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