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Poll: What Will Be The Best Chiefs Training Camp Position Battle?

As we prepare to enter the really slow period of the offseason, I wanted to see what you all think will be the best training camp battle this year. I've attached a poll, the results of which I will use to determine which battles we focus on the most.

Here are a few of the biggest ones I see moving forward:

Tight end: Leonard Pope vs. Tony Moeaki

Remember that the Chiefs really like Leonard Pope. He has a connection with Todd Haley and knows the Chiefs offense now that he's been around for a while. Tony Moeaki, on the other hand, is a new guy who didn't participate much in the early goings of the Chiefs offseason. However, he really came on strong toward the end of OTAs.

I think this will be my vote for the best training camp battle.

Nose tackle: Ron Edwards vs. Shaun Smith

If I had to guess now, I'd say this isn't much of a battle but I'm hoping Shaun Smith comes along a little more in the next six weeks. He had his best season under Romeo Crennel so there's some hope he'll see time this year. Ron Edwards didn't light the world on fire last year but was solid. He's a veteran and, at the very least, you know what you're getting with him.

This is arguably the most important position on the Chiefs roster.

Free safety: Jon McGraw vs. Kendrick Lewis

I think ultimately Jon McGraw will win this one -- at least to start the season -- but Kendrick Lewis will give him a run for his money. McGraw, like Edwards, is a veteran who gives you a known. Lewis, on the other hand, is possibly the future.

The wildcard in all of this would be how the Jarrad Page situation works itself out.

Inside linebacker: Demorrio Williams/Corey Mays vs. Derrick Johnson/Jovan Belcher

I know what the fans think about this one: They want DJ and Jovan Belcher. DJ represents potential and Belcher is a feel-good story coming to the Chiefs as an undrafted free agent last year. But there's a reason Demorrio Williams and Corey Mays started much of last season.

The results of this battle will speak to the future of the Chiefs linebacker corps.

Center: Rudy Niswanger vs. Casey Wiegmann

It'd make for a good story line if Casey Wiegmann came in as a starter and played out the season to end his career as a Chief (if he retires at the end of the year). He represents the Chiefs offensive line of the glory days but how much has his age hurt him? Rudy Niswanger is a coach's favorite, I think, because he's another McGraw-like player that busts his butt to stay on the field.

The talent level might not be there for Niswanger, but he's the type of player the Chiefs like.

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