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Former Players Under Nick Saban Getting Good Reviews

We've talked on more than one occasion the advantage of having players from Alabama on the Chiefs team. The defense is highly influenced by Nick Saban, who happens to have an indirect Chiefs connection with his prior work with Bill Belichick and a direct connection with Scott Pioli.

Chiefs second round pick Javier Arenas learned under Saban, a former defensive backs coach himself, as did Arenas' Alabama teammate Kareem Jackson, a first round pick of the Texans.

The word on those two players is that they're well-polished because of the Saban connection. Indeed, Texans coach Gary Kubiak recently talked about how polished Jackson was.

"From a coaching standpoint, this kid's very well coached up. Some of the things that you may have to work on knowing, he already knows them, so (Texans defensive backs coach) David (Gibbs) had a head start with him from that standpoint. But we knew that. That was one of the reasons we were very excited to get him."

(Editor's Note: David Gibbs previously worked for the Chiefs.)

While this isn't directly about Arenas, I think similar words could be used to describe him. The same buzz words, including "coached up", were applied to Arenas in pre-draft talk.

What all this boils down to is that Arenas may see playing time for the Chiefs sooner rather than later.

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