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Chiefs CB Brandon Carr Talks About The Third Year Leap, Life Under Romeo Crennel

Shan Shariff of 610 Sports got a few minutes with Chiefs CB Brandon Carr following Tuesday's OTA. Carr was talking about the "third year leap" as well as life under Romeo Crennel.

As we've said before, Carr (and Brandon Flowers) are entering their third year in the NFL, which is the year generally considered to be the "leap" year. They've been in the league for two years and should be beginning to understand the way opposing quarterbacks work.

"This is year three," Carr said on Shariff's show this morning, "the year you're supposed to come out and show what you have. They have faith in me."

Carr was singled out by Todd Haley on Tuesday as one of the players that's starting to "get it" early on. As you know, Haley doesn't single out players too often. Carr said it's "just the maturity process" and part of being in the league for a little while.

Carr also touched on life under Romeo Crennel, his third defensive coordinator in three years.

"He's laid back," Carr said. "I'm pretty sure he will bark but right now he's laid back and a pretty understanding coach. He doesn't' believe in all that yelling stuff because we're professional athletes. Just tell us once and it should get done."

....Something tells me the offense isn't saying the same thing about Charlie Weis. But Weis has had quite a bit of success in the league (as has Crennel) so it goes to show there's more than one way to do things.

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