PHOTOS: Arrowhead Stadium Renovation Update for May

From the FanPosts. Thanks for taking the time to track all the progress, oldchiefsfan.  -Joel

This month there are a bunch of photos showing just how much progress has been made in completing the renovation to the mother ship that is Arrowhead Stadium. I know and understand that there are a few people that live in Jackson County that believe the taxpayers have been taken advantage of but from what I have seen so far I would have to disagree. I think the people of Jackson County can be proud that they'll have a stadium that is looking pretty awesome. That of course is just my opinion.

Exterior work is focused on the plazas on the north and south sides of the stadium as well as the landscaping along Lancer Lane and Red Coat Lane. On the Plaza Level Final touches are being completed on the children’s area, team store and membership lounge on the north side of the stadium. Construction continues to convert the old press box on the south side with new suites. The Club Level Flooring installation continues with a majority of the carpeting installed. Work continues on the owner’s suite and the new suites in the location of the old press box. Progress continues on the club lounges on the north and south sides. Upper Concourse Work is progressing on the food service areas on the north and south sides. Horizon Level/Press Box Finish work is well underway on both levels. Ceilings are being installed, walls are being painted and cleaning of construction debris in is full force. On the Press Level, the new scoreboard control equipment is being tested.

Lets take a look at what this jewel of the Midwest will look like for the Monday Night Football game against San Diego.


Northwest corner of Arrowhead Stadium



East Side


West Side


  South West Side


Field Side of Press Box


New Press Box Tower. Does this look awesome or what!?


Red Coat Lane


Tickets Please... New Entrance at Corners


New Graphics – Upper Concourse Restroom


New Graphics – Field Concourse Suite


North Side Plaza - Want your name placed here? If you bought a personalized brick it will be put down here.


Another View of the North Side Plaza


The Foolish Club


The Foolish Club Graphics Being Installed


Membership Club – Plaza Level – North Side


Membership Club – Plaza Level – North Side


Want some Chiefs Swag? This is the Team Store


More of the Team Store


Kids Interactive Zone. I know a few of you that might want to pay attention to the guide on the left


More Fun and Educational things for the kids to do


Chiefs Hall of Honor Flooring Installation completed


Chiefs Hall of Honor Flooring Installation. Going to look great isn't it?

Everything looks to be right on track for the completion of the Renovation. That's it for this month fellow Chiefs fan.

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