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Charlie Weis Says Kansas City Has Received Him Well

Charlie Weis is back in South Bend this weekend for his Hannah & Friends Charity golf tournament. He took a few minutes to talk with Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribune.

There's a lot of good information on his charity and the work he's doing with it. He also talked a little bit about how he's been received by the city of Kansas City.

"The people from Kansas City couldn’t have received us any better. If I’ve talked to 1,000 people, 999 of them have come up and said, "Welcome to Kansas City. We’re so glad you’re here.’ And that feels even better when you’re coming from a place where a number of people are saying, ‘We’re so glad you’re gone.’ "

While some people were certainly saying 'We're so glad you're gone' because of Notre Dame's football record, there are just too many people I've heard from in recent months with stories like this one...

The boy explains his father, Lance, is in surgery and if Weis could just sign this scrap piece of paper for the dad. The mom looks on from a distance, trying to take a cell phone photo from an awkward angle.

"Come on over," Weis says to the mom.

He has the boy sit down next to him, drapes his arm around him as if they’re long-lost pals, and cheeses for the camera.

"Best Father’s Day present ever," the grateful mom says backing away. believe that everyone wanted him gone.

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