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Jarrad Page Trade Request Shouldn't Be A Surprise To The Chiefs

While Jarrad Page's reps have gone public with their "formal trade request", the Kansas City Chiefs shouldn't be shell-shocked by the news. The truth is, they've known for some time that Page was unhappy in Kansas City and wanted out. Just because their trade request is now "formal" doesn't mean this hasn't been going on for a while.

Page made that clear to the team before last season started. They knew.

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star recently recently said via Twitter that Page has "had some issues with the [coaching] staff already" indicating that, indeed, something's been up.

Things began to heat up last year during the preseason. If you'll recall, Page apparently wanted to sit out a preseason game for some kind of injury and we all know how the Bill Parcells tree feels about injuries.

Asked last year about Page's injury, Haley said, "He’s out on the field today, so that’s a good thing. If you’re on the field you have a chance to make this team and help us win."

Translation: Don't be injured.

And then it didn't help things that Page ultimately was injured sufficiently to render his placement on IR ending his season in November.

We're hoping to get our hands on more details regarding the rift between Page and the coaching staff and now that his camp is apparently talking, we suspect that will eventually make its way out.

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