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Chiefs Tight End Battle Will Be Interesting

Surprisingly, the Chiefs tight end battle could get interesting.

Leonard Pope is someone the Chiefs brass really likes. Todd Haley was with him in Arizona and when the Chiefs picked him up last year, he was thrown in as the starter.

In the early portions of OTAs, it looked like that would be Pope's position and no one would challenge him.

Brad Cottam was recovering from a neck injury and not practicing so he was already behind. Plus, he's been underwhelming thus far in his Chiefs career.

Tony Moeaki was hurt to start OTAs and just a rookie.

Now things are starting to get interesting. Cottam says he's healthy and ready to play. Remember, the last time we saw him was in a game where he had a career high 62 yards receiving. Moeaki also ended up getting healthy towards the end of OTAs and contributing.

There are even fantasy football sites out there wondering if Moeaki will be the starter. Hey, it's possible.

He's also one of the five Chiefs I tabbed over at SB Nation Kansas City as players that helped themselves this offseason.

Training camp will tell a lot and a position that I thought was all-but-guaranteed to Pope now has some competition.

If I'm a betting man, I still say Pope is the starter but I'm a lot less firm in that than I was a month ago.

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