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Chiefs Reportedly Talking With Supplemental Draft Entrant Harvey Unga

The NFL's supplemental draft is coming up. This is basically the offseason draft for players who become academically ineligible or kicked off the team. In the case of Harvey Unga, it's the latter. He violated BYU's very strict honor-code for apparently dating having sex with another BYU student (yes, the code is that strict...and, no, I don't know how Jim McMahon ever went to school there).

Unga, a former BYU running back, did an interview with Deep Shades Of Blue and said he has spoken with the Chiefs front office recently. In fact, they had been on the phone for over an hour, according to the report.

He's holding a pro day on July 8th, where at least 14 teams are expected to show up.

"A lot of people talk about the power running teams," Unga said when asked where he might fit. "Teams that have the more physical running backs. I guess a lot of people put me as someone like that. Whatever they need me to do, I'll do, whether it's a power back or working on the passing game.

"I have a good feeling some team out there will give me a chance to help the program."

The way the supplemental draft works is like a silent auction. The Chiefs would put in a bid (2011 draft pick) and if that's the highest bid, they would be awarded his services losing that that 2011 draft pick.

Oh, and the other BYU student is Keilani Moeaki. And, yes, that's the sister of who you think it is.

This could get a little weird.

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